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Roof Replacement Costs

Replacing the roof on your home is one of the best investments you can make.

A new roof is not only an essential part of maintenance for your home but it also ensures that your home will retain or increase its resale value.

Replacing your roof can seem like a big deal and there are a lot of things that can go wrong.

Trying to cut corners and get a really cheap roof job can land you in big trouble.

Gradual or sudden catastrophic roof failures can be very expensive to repair so it works out cheaper to do it properly the first time.

Choosing expert roofing contractors is the first step to saving you a lot of money and grief.

So how much will a roof replacement cost in the Sydney and Central Coast areas?

There are multiple variables to consider but as a general guide only, the cost to replace a residential roof starts from as low as $75 per square metre.

Learn more below about how the different aspects of each reroofing situation will alter the cost of replacing your roof.

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Roof Replacement Costs – Labour

Labour is a big part of replacement roofing cost.

The building code affects the cost of your new roof with the requirement that work must be supervised and completed by qualified and roofing contractors.

Correct installation of weatherproofing features such as flashings, valleys, and ridge flashings are critical to the function and long-term durability of your roof.

Likewise, correct installation of screws and fasteners plays a key role in good roof installation.

Over or under-tightening fasteners are common causes of premature roof failure.

Using well-trained, licensed roofing contractors is the only sure-fire way to prevent this.

A roof with a simple design is cheaper to install than a complex design due to the expertise and time required to install it correctly and professionally.

Property Locality

Site location and ease of access will also have a bearing on the cost to replace your new roof.

If the site is not easily accessible special equipment may be required.

Safety, and other roofing components such as chimneys can add extra costs for a roof replacement
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Insurance is there to protect your investment and provide peace of mind should anything go wrong.

There is a range of insurance covers available and it’s important to read the fine print and check for exclusions.

Public Liability insurances generally cover you for a range of personal and property damage risks including:

  • Theft of materials or tools
  • Malicious damage and vandalism
  • Storm, wind, water or fire damage
  • Personal injury or property damage

Some insurance policies may also cover for project delays and cost overruns.

As with all insurance policies the greater the number of inclusions the higher the cost. This will be reflected in the final roof replacement cost.

ARC provides a 7 year Rest Easy Warranty so you know you’re protected if there is a problem with the installation.

You are also protected by the full Manufacturer’s Warranty for any material defects and this can be up to 30 years depending on your choice of material.

Roofing Materials / Delivery Fees

The price of your new roof will also alter according to your choice of metal roofing and specific finishes.

Delivery fees will also need to be factored into the final cost and this may be higher for exclusive high-end products that cannot be sourced locally.

Removal Costs – Old Roofing Material

The time and cost involved in removal and disposal of the old roof is very much dependent on the current material to be removed.

First, we must remove the existing roof safely and carefully. Skip bins are used to collect the old roofing materials.

Where possible some roofing materials may be recycled but much must simply be dumped; councils charge for this service.

Sometimes there may be hazardous materials that must be disposed of in a tightly regulated fashion.

But you can rest easy because all removal costs are included in the contract.

There will be no unexpected clean up bills.

Cost inlcudes rubbish removal from site
Large roof areas vs small intricate roofs will vary in costs

Property Type

Different property types require different solutions.

The replacement cost of your roof doesn’t only depend on how many square metres of roof are required.

Larger buildings such as commercial or industrial may offer economies of scale but these may be offset by increased costs due to complex penetrations and ventilations systems.

The cost of residential housing will revolve around your choice of materials such as colorbond roofing, roof tiling, concrete tiles but also the design of the house.

Complex roofs and two storey houses will generally cost more than simpler smaller roofs due to higher materials cost and increased scaffolding costs.

Safety Requirements when Replacing a Roof

Modern health and safety regulations require scaffolding and fall protection to be installed on all sites where employees are working at heights.

This is for your benefit as well as the safety of employees working onsite.

Installing scaffolding and fall protection correctly requires trained and skilled trades people and it takes a surprising amount of time.

Other Considerations when Replacing your Roof

If you have solar panels or solar heating on your roof they will need to be removed. In some cases this will require a licensed installer to remove and refit the panels.

Penetrations to Your Roof

Penetrations require special attention to ensure weather proofing. Areas that will need special attention include:

  • Skylights
  • Chimneys
  • Whirly birds
  • Flues

Roofing contractors will need to make correctly sized penetrations and also install special flashings, sealants, and other extras such as reinforcement stays.

Pitch of Roof

The pitch (angle) of your roof may also alter the cost of replacing your roof.

In general terms; profiles with deeper pans are more suitable for low pitched roofs because of their ability to drain water away from the roof more quickly, their seam design, and their concealed fixings.

If the roof pitch is less than 5 degrees you’ll need to use KlipLok.

Using the correct roofing materials will add to the value of your investment.

Roof pitches of more than 35 degrees are more labour intensive and require full scaffolding.

Additional Materials

Additional materials may also be required including:

  • Insulation and sarking
  • Roof battens may need to be replaced
  • Guttering
  • Fascia
  • Downpipes

Sometimes it may not be possible to tell if battens or insulation need to be replaced until the old roof has been lifted.

Replacing your old roof is made easy when you call the friendly experts at ARC Metal Roofing.

We offer solid expert advice and can make your reroofing project a breeze.

Steep pitch roof can be more expensive for roof replacement
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